Are small, the size of a nickel.

The mist of the daytime that turned the valley between the mountains into a grayish haze. Katryn keeps driving and I drift off into myself again and I close my eyes. When I sense that she has pulled into the parking lot of our motel in Apgar I ask if she will carry me inside but she says that I probably weigh about twenty pounds more than I did this morning so she doesn't think she's up to it. I concede defeat and I take her steak and I pick up the cat and then we go inside. I put the food in the fridge and I crawl into bed and the cat is in there with me as soon as my head hits the pillow. I know I should brush my teeth but my body collapses. Katryn gets in bed and turns off the light and she puts her head on my chest. I look out the wikipedia reference window searching for the stars imobiliare bucuresti but they are not there. Five I get out imobiliare bucuresti of bed and there is no view out the window because once again the world has been replaced by fog. imobiliare bucuresti This is okay with me. Even though it is our last morning the image of the reflection is etched in my memory and it will remain there. Besides, I will have the photos Katryn took. Katryn is up and she has brewed coffee. I sit down to drink the coffee and I take her leftover strip from the refrigerator and I take a fork and knife and I eat. I don't like microwaves. I don't reheat food. So I eat the steak cold. It is not as good as it was the night before. Meat is best when it is right off the fire. When it is cold it is less flavorful and the fat is chalky and it coats your mouth in chalk that won't ever come off. Soon the steak is gone. After I feed the cat and get myself dressed Katryn and I walk to the convenience store. I buy a postcard for my mother because she likes postcards. When we get back to the cabin I write the postcard, but I lie and tell her that I am sitting on the bench looking out at the beautiful lake and mountains. I am not doing this because it is foggy and I can't even see the beach. When I have finished writing the postcard I pack and then I take the postcard to the office of the motel and I mail it and I return the keys and check out. We load the car and then we head to the road and turn the opposite way from the continental divide because we are leaving by a different route. We have a long day of driving ahead of us, but I am ready for that after a couple of days of hiking. While I like being outdoors I am also content to sit inside all day, and sitting inside while also being outside is best which is what driving is. The drive out of the park is a familiar one even though I have never made the drive before. The park is a play on the same themes like Beethoven's violin sonatas that I bucuresti can't play but heard a friend play once. There are mountains that are green and pocked with rock and wildflowers, and there are lakes that glint like they are covered in sheets of diamond. I am able to see all of this because we p out of the fog right after we